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The OMT method enables students to discover and experience mindfulness in 8 stages over 2 months alternating between guided group sessions and daily practice at home.

Training will soon be accessible online via an e-learning module. The date at which it will go live, as well as details on how to access it will be made available to you soon.

For Daily and Professional Life

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The seminars are aimed to benefit  people who are keen to discover mindfulness and integrate it into their daily life. They are also for professionals who could benefit from mindfulness in the fields in which they work, such as healthcare, education, social work, healthcare social work etc.

In addition to this, the teaching forms an excellent introduction for those who wish to deepen their spiritual education, regardless of the form it takes, or  for those who would like to learn about the roots of the method in the Buddhist tradition.

Mindfulness can be Discovered in Different Ways


  • In the form of a guided 8 day retreat, followed by 2 months of daily practice at home.


  • Alternating guided weekly sessions and practice at home over 8 weeks

These two different options enable people to choose the course that suits them, according to their availability, their personality and their lifestyle. Each stage in the program is made up of a mixture of thematic presentations and different techniques which shift one’s experience of  the body, the breath, sensations, movement, thoughts, emotions, relationships with others and communication.
Particular attention is paid to the experiential element of the course, and on putting it into practice by observing the body, engaging in relaxation practice and guided meditations which unite the body, the breath and sensory experience, as well as sharing the experience with others through discussion.

Transmission and Practice

8 Days Followed by 2 Months of Practice

The 8 day retreat introduces participants to the practice in 8 stages, each day covering a new dimension.  It enables each person to experience mindfulness and to acquire the tools necessary for practice in everyday life.  It is followed by 2 months of daily training at home. The learning materials are given to participants on a weekly basis, with follow-up support provided by instructors.

Each seminar-retreat is an opportunity to break away from external pressures and old habits and to learn to slow down, settle, and experience how OMT method can help participants to get in touch with an inner silence, peace, and the feeling of the space both within and around them.

8 Weekly Sessions

The ‘urban’ program takes place over 8 weeks, comprised of a weekly 3 hour session combined with 45 minutes of individual daily practice at home. This program is available in various urban centers and enables practitioners follow their course closer to home while maintaining their work and family commitments.

Séminaires d’approfondissement

Le protocole OMT permet la découverte de la Pleine Présence en groupe de façon guidée. Il permet à chacun d’entrer dans l’expérience de la pleine présence et d’acquérir les méthodes nécessaires à sa pratique dans la vie quotidienne.

Vous avez déjà participé à un séminaire OMT, à la retraite continue ou avez une pratique régulière et ancrée dans la vie. Vous souhaitez revisiter, réactualiser ou vivifier votre expérience de la Pleine Présence.

Nous vous proposons pour 2017 des séminaires OMT d’approfondissement qui auront lieu sur 7 jours. Ce sera un  moment de retraite qui tout en reprenant les éléments du protocole mettra principalement l’accent sur de longs moments de pratique.
Un facilitateur vous accompagnera tout au long de la semaine, il guidera ces pratiques, répondra à vos questions, conduira les retours d’expérience en groupe. Il sera aussi disponible pour des entretiens de pratique individuels.

Pour participer à ces séminaires de pratiques approfondies, vous devez :

  • Avoir suivi un séminaire OMT
  • Ou avoir participé à une semaine de retraite continue
  • Ou pouvoir justifier d’une pratique personnelle approfondie et dans la durée au cours d’un entretien de pratique avec un facilitateur


Qu'est-ce que la Pleine Présence ?
  • We invite you to approach the proposed training as an opportunity to view your experience with a compassionate and curious mind, without comparing yourself to others or seeking results.
  • In the course of a seminar, it’s normal that certain times will seem more difficult than others. Your commitment to the process will allow us to support you through these difficulties
  • By enrolling in a seminar, you make the commitment to participate in all of the agreed sessions in the schedule. As we are all interdependent, a good group dynamic depends also on you and your willingness to participate.
  • Meditation brings about benefits which have been noted in many scientific studies. It isn’t, however, a substitute for either medical treatment or classic psychotherapy.
  • If you are undergoing medical treatment, we ask that you don’t modify your treatment in any way during the seminar period, especially without prior medical advice.
  • If you’d like to find out whether the seminars are suitable for your current needs, most importantly in terms of your situation, or in the case of a specific illness or limitation, we invite you to contact us via @mail or on the following number: +33 (0)